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Affordable, Energy-Smart, Fireproof, Earthquake Resistant, Soundproof, H2O Resistant, Rodent & Pest Resistant, Lightweight, Recyclable.  The "i home" - Designed by the owner, on their computer.  In 3-d.  With our help.   Pre-Fab WOW-Crete.  I built my first Pre-Fab 4 bedroom house, at 16. Pre-Fab in-60's, was more "parts & nails!" Now?  This 2018 Pre-Fab "i-home," takes five women and a Crane six days to build a two story WOW-Crete home!  Watch the WOW-Crete video!  Our Architects, Dewberry, are National experts!  They have designed every type building imaginable!  City Buildings, High Risers, Hotels, Apartments, Single Family Homes, Studios, Barns, Datacenter Fireproof Bldgs.!  Anything!  EASY!  ASK!


Asset Backed Security?  Simply put, the revenue stream produced by the HVAC energy savings is significant enough that it can support the interest payments on a Green City IRB or Project CLIMATE BOND.  The Energy Efficiency Credits (EEc's) or Carbon Credits earned from the CO2 reduction, when aggregated by us, amount to enough revenue to pay off the Green Climate Bonds, as calculated.  Obviously, the bigger the electric bill, the larger the savings.  The larger the Bond.  Simple.  EASY! ASK!

Local InfrAstructure

Every City  MUST have its own Mobile Concrete Batch Plant!  SEA WALLS!  Bike Paths, everywhere!  Walkways!  ALL made with Green Re-Concrete!  Patented high-PSI, recycled mix! We made many different versions of Rapid Set Concrete and even Soil Amendments.  Lawn-in-a-Bag, etc.  We also invented Water-Smart.  Read the World of Concrete Bulletin below.  Simple.  ASK!  "All infrastructure is LOCAL!"  Green Jobs! Jobs! There's more!